Marine aquaristics Břevnov, Prague

The marine animals are imported each week from many countries.

We engage in breeding and reproducing corals and frags.

We offer fully complete accessories for marine aquaristics.

  • The complete aquarium NUVO from the company Innovative marine, Aquarium sets, RED SEA, complete custom aquariums.The coral sands of all possible kinds, reef stones, living stones, live sand - Nature´s with Ocean.High-quality sea salt
  • The all aquarium equipment (pumps, filters, skimmers, lighting, cooling, heating, control systems, automatic, UV sterilization) brands TUNZE, ATI, GroTech, Orphek, Deltec, RLSS, Schuran and gradually add goods to other producers.
  • The tests and chemistry to modify water Hanna Instruments, RED SEA, Salifert, Tunze, Esha and more.
  • Pharmaceuticals and disinfection
  • Prepared sea water
    ...and more

All goods can be purchased at shop and personally pick up in this shop.
All you can see in the shop, which is open four days a week to the public:

Opening hours:
Monday : closed
Tuesday: 1pm – 7pm
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 1pm – 7pm
Friday: 1pm – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm
Sunday: closed
Outside opening hours after telephone arrangement
TEL: +420774856649

For more information please contact Martin Barna.