Business conditions


Our Sales representatives will complete the registration for your business to access our e-shop. We will need information about your business including the appropriate licences and your VAT registration . As a customer you will have access to our wholesale prices on our website and can start to order.

Actual offer

We update our availability on our website every Wednesday. If you are registered, you will also get our offer by email every Wednesday. Our offer contains a wide assortment of tropical, cold water and saltwater fish, terrarium animals, rodents and birds. You will find a range of dry, frozen and live feeds, pharmaceuticals, equipment and other accessories.


We accept orders until 6pm each Friday. We recommend that you use our online ordering on our website. We also accept orders by email, fax or phone. The minimum order is 400EUR (may vary by location, for detailed information, contact your sales representative).


Your order will be delivered free of charge in our air-conditioned vans direct to your store throughout Europe. The delivery always takes place from Monday to Thursday the week following the order. You shall be notified by email or by phone well in advance by your sales representative of the exact time of your delivery.


We deliver fish in polystyrene boxes about the size of 60x40x40 cm.
The boxes are refundable, please return them to our drivers, thank you.


Any complaints are received upon delivery.


Cash on delivery or in advance.


All transport of animals is controlled by the State veterinary institute of Czech republic!